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Re-purposing a Winter Wedding Bouquet

Ever since creating my sister's wedding bouquet shadow box (click here: ) , I've been inspired to do my own wedding bouquet from the winter. We had a vintage Christmas themed wedding, so I thought it would be a fun challenge since the last project was for a very different theme. Here are my process photos, thoughts and tips!


I bought the frame from Homesense for $20.00. I've been searching for a while for a good size frame that I like, but I'm picky. This frame was a good size and a cheaper price than the smaller ones available. I wasn't a fan of the frame itself because I didn't feel like it fit our theme right. So I decided to paint it! I used left over chalk paint from a previous project.

Tip: Sand first to help the paint adhere to the surface. I also sanded to dull the original metallic frame.


To create a vintage look, I sanded down the finished paint job to create a distressed look.


Finding the strength to take apart my bouquet was the hardest part. It was in such good condition and it almost made me scrap the project and leave it be. But realistically, I would probably display my wedding memories more within a frame knowing it wouldn't get damaged.


I rarely plan out my creative steps and usually create pieces spontaneously so I had no specific vision. I tried different variations of placements but I decided on a wreath, since it was a Christmas wedding!


One thing I do regret is not getting a deeper shadow box. The one my sister bought for her bouquet gave me more freedom to play with movement and layers. This shadow box is narrower which restricted me from having many options. This is a good tip!


We had very large invitations which definitely made it a struggle with placement. I even debated if I wanted the invite in there because of it's awkward size, but decided I should. The white roses have yellowed over time, so the crisp white invite helps balance out with the white frame.

Another challenge was the orientation of the invitation. If the invite was vertical, it would have been perfect. Even if it was just tad smaller, it would have been easier to maneuver around.

The Final Product


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